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AV8R Solutions offers quick and effective disinfection to fit into your schedule. By providing the highest level of disinfection available, reduces risk of outbreaks, which can cause employee absences and complete building shut down. Whether a routine disinfection or emergency disinfection such as spills or bio-related incidents, AV8R Solutions can be deployed at a moment's notice. EPA registered 90150-2.

  • AV8R Solutions                              employs binary ionization technology which decontaminates/disinfects businesses, aircraft, hospitals, clean rooms, senior living facilities, banks, government offices and commercial buildings. 

  • Surfaces do not have a wet (dwell) time. The results provide the highest level of decontamination in the shortest downtime.

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  • AV8R Solutions                                     results are verifiable with superior material compatibility. No residue is left on surfaces and disinfection efficacy of 6 Log Kill Rate 99.9999%.

  • Our process purges ventilation systems and destroys pathogens in hard to reach places. 

  • The difference is AV8R Solutions uses sub-micron particles which spread the proprietary ionized Hydrogen peroxide solution (iHP) like gas.

  • AV8R solutions                                   instantly disinfects surfaces that typical disinfectants cannot reach. 

  • Prevents the build-up of odors by killing odor causing bacteria.

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