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AV8R Solutions understands that preventive measures are just as important as immediate care in the healthcare business. A healthy environment for staff and patients is critical to maintaining a healthy and safe facility. EPA registered 90150-2 as a Hospital Healthcare Disinfectant Technology.

  • AV8R Solutions                                 ensures  decontaminated surgical rooms available in minutes with no unnecessary downtime. 

  • Treatments are instantaneous and do not require wet (dwell) time. The results are no cross contamination and the highest effective level of decontamination. ​

  • AV8R Solutions                               process purges ventilation systems and hard to reach places where pathogens dwell and typical cleaning solutions can not reach.

  • Decontamination of instruments and interior finishes are not affected. As a, result life expectancy of equipment is increased. 

  • The difference is AV8R Solutions uses proprietary sub-micron particles which spread like gas; ionized Hydrogen peroxide (iHP). 

SteraMistEVS_Animated (1).gif
  •                                can be used on hard, non-porous and high touch surfaces.

  • Instantaneously disinfects surfaces and reaches areas that regular disinfectants cannot reach.

  • Helps prevent the build-up of odors by killing the odor -causing bacteria.

  • Results are verifiable and superior material compatibility that no residue is left on surfaces and disinfected to 6 Log Kill Rate 99.9999%.

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