AV8R Solutions supports first responders with quick and effective disinfection. Providing the highest levels of disinfection reduces risk of outbreaks that can cause employee absences and complete building shutdowns. Whether a routine disinfection or emergency disinfection such as spills or bio-related incidents, AV8R Solutions can be deployed at a moment's notice. EPA registered 90150-2.

  • AV8R Solutions                              services allows rapid vehicles turn times.  

  • Surfaces do not require a wet (dwell) time, which ensures the highest level of decontamination ​in the shortest downtime.

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  • AV8R  Solutions                               is completely compatible with sensitive instruments and equipment.

  • Our process purges ventilation systems and destroys pathogens in hard to reach places.

  • AV8R Solutions uses sub-micron particles which spreads the proprietary ionized Hydrogen peroxide solution (iHP) like gas.

  • AV8R Solutions                                 instantly disinfects surfaces and reaches areas that typical disinfectants can not reach.                              

  • Our process is used on hard, non-porous and high touch surfaces.

  • Prevents the build-up of odors by killing odor causing bacteria.

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